Hazy Neighbourhood - Canvas

Hazy Neighbourhood - Canvas

I once lived a very Peter Parker life in the city of chill which is how I dub Pune. There was a crane you could always see from my workplace. Every evening, I'd exit the building and the crane would be there. The colours are specific to a Spider-Man-esque palette here, and trust me when I tell you, it was a very Peter Parker life. 


This print comes on a canvas with a wooden frame which is perfect for setting or hanging in any room of your choice. The vibrant colours make every room appear brighter and the minimal design makes sure it fits perfectly with the rest of your decor.


This canvas print is available in Small (20cm x 30cm) and Large (30cm x 40cm) vertical dimensions.

  • Dimensions

    This print is available in both Small (20cm x 30cm) and Large (30cm x 40cm) sizes.

  • Note

    The image shown is a mock-up of how the canvas print looks in real-life. While the canvas print are printed using high quality ink, there might be slight variation owing to printing shenanigans.

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    All canvas print orders are eligible for free shipping!

  • Delivery Time

    Please allow for a maximum of 2 weeks for your order to be shipped. It'll usually be much sooner than that. Once shipped, your order should reach you within 3-4 working days.