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Welcome to Slumbering Hollow!

Slumbering Hollow is my rendition of the world I've personally lived in and stepped on. I make minimal art pieces from pictures I've taken and the places I've visited. Here, you'll find all sorts of things from wall prints to postcards to stickers in due time. We're starting off with some postcards!



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I've always been fond of creating names out of the simplest of places. A construction site my cousins and I played in when I was a kid was named "Thieves Den" on day one; a forest we used to frequent became "Eternal Forest". You get the idea!

So, when I started making minimal art from places I had visited, I started to experiment with those quirky names from my adolescence again. I started imagining this ideal place that I'd want to visit someplace called Slumbering Hollow. That's where the name comes from: it's a dream where every good memory lies.

The image here is the first one I created and sent to my friends. The rest is what you see!



There's more where that came from!

I regularly (read: intermittently) post new artwork on Instagram. Consider following the page to stay in touch for updates. If you really like a design, I would love to turn it into the products available here.

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